Just a blue collar guy living the dream. Ever since I was 17, I wanted to run my own business, invent and bring my ideas to life. I lived, loved, learned, served & earned, grew up on bikes, boards, motors, guns, sports, Arizona springs, California summers, winter slopes, US Navy Veteran, served our country, crossed the bay, crossed the equator, crossed the day, spent 20 years designing life safety, security & control systems, raised great children, experienced real life and finally had the chance to do what I really wanted all along, never limiting myself by never letting go of my dreams. I started my business & invented the grip that fits.


Never limit yourself.



After a full life and a full career in design & engineering, I took time to relax. Enjoying the best and hustling to handle business, I needed a grip on my phone to match. With the support of my Fiance’, family and kids, I started my business, started thinking about my life, career, family, the people I worked with, the people I met and a future which included solutions for a more secure, efficient & flexible phone grip;  solutions to fit my days, moving around, working, working out, relaxing and having fun, solutions to fit my experiences at the workstation, hustling around the office or mixing it up on site; solutions to fit stuck in traffic, ready for a weekend, around the house, traveling or going out; solutions to fit my son and step daughters on campus, at work, home & play becoming young adults, making they’re own dreams; solutions to fit my mom, an agent of stability and real estate; solutions to fit my daughter, a teacher of young minds all over the world; solutions to fit my Fiance, a nurse and mother saving & nurturing lives, as well as so much more. I created a phone grip considering all of the above.


Twistafit Flexy Grips are for everyone.

Just Married July 12th 2018

Real Unreal


Preserve the art, science and ingenuity of humanity with thoughtful, useful and enjoyable products. Embrace real technology, real movement & unreal style.


Design, develop & deliver a new generation of products considerate of all generations experiencing, doing & enjoying life to the fullest.


Invented in 2015, developed in 2016, patented in 2017, offered in 2018; Flexy Grips are a foundation for the future, improve smart phone use; carrying, holding & operating. Truly unique, unlike any other grip in the world.


Flexy is trademark of the Twistafit brand.


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Flexy is a trademark of the Twistafit brand.



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U.S. Pat. No. 9,867,454

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