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I’ve had the opportunity, the pleasure, the challenge to dream, live, love, learn, earn and serve with the best, no doubt, experiencing plenty of smooth sailing, groovy roads, moody days, real twists and turns along the way.

I grew up on bikes, boards, boats, motors, guns, sports, Arizona springs, California summers, winter slopes, served our country, crossed the bay, crossed the equator and crossed the day after raising two children, having a 20 year career designing life safety, security & control systems, I earned a real grip, a chance to take a breath and decide what’s next.

After 20 years of solving real problems, creating unreal solutions, delivering real results, I took some time off to relax, reflect & reconnect. Deciding what I wanted to do next, with the support of my wife, family & friends, I decided taking the final steps towards living my dream was going to be best. Hustling to handle my business, I started my business ready to invent, doing what I do best, bringing real unreal ideas to life,  I need a grip on my phone to match. I decided I need a grip that fits safe, secure & efficient considering all I mentioned, all I wanted & all the future holds.

I considered solutions to fit my days growing up, moving around, working, working out, relaxing, having fun; solutions to fit my experiences at the workstation, hustling around the office, mixing it up on site; solutions to fit going new places, meeting new people, doing new things; solutions to fit the weekend around the house, traveling or going out, solutions to fit my new venture, plans & goals. I decided a grip that fits a balanced life, moving about & making money makes a lot of sense.

I considered solutions to fit my wife, a nurse, mother & student, saving & nurturing lives, working on her masters degree while being my biggest supporter, solutions to fit my mom, a single mom, an agent of real estate, an agent of stability who more than anything, deserves my everything; solutions to fit my oldest, a teacher of young minds all over the world, growing young minds, knowing health, education and fitness are important in life; solutions to fit my son and daughters on campus, at work, home & play creating, cultivating & living their own dreams. I decided a grip that fits more than one generation, more than one activity,  more than one dream makes sense for more than one reason.

Considering a grip that fits from day 1, from scratch, pulling up our boot straps, cashing in our sweat equity, adding real grip, increasing balance, making moves, enjoying a slice of life, we created a foundation for the future considering everyday people like yourself, family and friends trying to keep on top, keep in touch and keep in front. Considering the things you do, activities you enjoy and ones you love, decidedly, a grip that fits everyday handy, helpful & smart, makes sense.

Twistafit Flexy Grips Move With You

Inventor & Wife, Together 10 years, Married 7/12/18

Everyday People


Offer solutions, accept challenges, take positive action.


Keep it interesting, keep it together, keep it moving. Design, develop & deliver a new generation of products considerate of all generations creating, cultivating, evolving, living dreams. Make a brand and product you can truly be a part of.


Invented in 2015, developed in 2016, patented in 2017, offered in 2018; Flexy Grips are a slice of life, a foundation for the future, momentum to easily keep on moving. Improves smart phone use; carrying, holding, handling and operating.


Flexy is trademark of the Twistafit brand.


Let us know what moves you.

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Flexy is a trademark of the Twistafit™ brand.


Let us know what moves you.


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U.S. Pat. No. 9,867,454

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