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Twist it for Sport

Secure in hand, active or casual, keeps your phone in your hand thumb free so you can completely relax without dropping and navigate your entire screen.


Flexing your grip, get more comfort, convenience & control holding and operating your phone in any position.


Twist it for Adventure 

Secure in & out of pocket, kicked back or on the go, keeps your phone from pinching or popping out so you can move, get up and sit down comfortably, w/ wearable control.


Relaxing your grip, keeps your phone in hand without thinking at all, screen clean edge to edge , corner to corner & 360 without over gripping, simply grab & let go.


Twist it for Life

Secure off & on flexible balancing home, work & play, keeps your phone from slipping down or flopping around without a pocket or purse night or day, turn on a walk, jog or run, turn on anytime you want.


Exercising your grip, hold as usual or get more control at your fingertips, moving your screen in-between.


Twist it for Leisure

Make your phone easier to view & grab spinning screen up or screen flat keeping on-top, capturing, sharing or showing.




Invented in Phoenix, AZ by a US Navy Veteran after getting tired of dropping and sitting on his phone.  

Try it without a phone at first to get a feel for how it works and how it secures.

Super flexible for any hand size. Breaks in like a good pair of jeans and fits just right.


Match & Attach

Simply match & attach secure on your phone or non-silicone case, low profile is best; match the edge of the grip to the edge of your phone or case; placing even against the counter back splash, center and press firmly.


30 day guarantee. Limited lifetime warranty. Free shipping. Turn on tastefully.

Twist & Spin Flexible